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The following articles, excluding the ones annotated "sourcing from" other links, are written by Mr. Hai Yang, Ms. Shelley Shen and the other colleagues of Steele. These articles are published in Mr. Yang's works (Investigation Commencing, Opportunities and Risks, etc.) and the magazines of several international investigation associations. Welcome to read them but the copy rights are only held by Steele. Thank you.
The curtain of 2012 London Olympic Games fell. The fashionable London becomes the focus of the world again. Even lots of small employees in Chinese companies want to go to London to watch the fashion show, have a drink at a bar in Eastern London, and listen to the music such as Punk and Rock. This makes me think of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, which also brought a tourism wave to China. Maybe you have been to Beijing, Hong Kong or Shanghai .There are many cities in China, so you have many a choice if you want to visit China.  
Chinese Economy developed fast in the latest 30 years. With the fast improvement in economy, a lot of people from all over the world come to China for business, travel or cultural exchange. When people from different cultural areas build relationships, it is important for them to learn about the local social culture, such as the habits of communication, culture and even the dietary. 
The first Patent Law of new China was promulgated in March 12, 1984, which built the first block of the patent system of China and made an important progress towards the science development and legal management of the country. Since the April of 1985, Chinese courts started to hear cases of patent disputes.  
In today's climate of frequent acquisition and divestiture of assets, it is important that buyers and sellers give appropriate attention to intellectual property (IP) assets. Despite press coverage highlighting missteps, embarrassing case studies of failed IP due diligence continue to make headlines. 
A background check or simply called background investigation is the method of checking through the public records, commercial and financial records about a certain person. This procedure is mostly required when a person is seeking employment and by those needing security verification, like a bank, hospital, airport, school, or the law enforcers, among others. It is usually done by the authorities but regularly purchased as part of the private business service. Information like credit worthiness, the history of criminals and past employment are normally included in the background check. 
Email plays an important role in our lives nowadays. Most people are using email in communicating with others such as loved ones, friends, associates and others. If you want to send an email to a person and you do not know the email address, you will do things to find it, of course.  
» Important Reason Why You Must Conduct a Background Check 
Background check is very important element that helps you in making yourself comfortable with people that you are going to deal with like those business partner, employee and even those people that you wish to have an intimate relationship. This is a way of checking them about their education verification, employment verification, criminal record search, credit check, driving record check. These are the common aspects that are commonly used during the employment screening process. But there are times that there is a need for more intense investigation these include multi-jurisdiction civil searches, interviews with the family, friends or neighbors.
Due diligence is an absolute must if you plan to team up with a Chinese partner. It’s a jungle out there, so be wary. This is no place to cut expenses or rush through things because a half-done job may cost you twice as much time and money later. Due diligence is not a particularly prevalent practice among the Chinese and they may have trouble understanding why you are “making things difficult”. If your prospective partner refuses to cooperate, don’t be afraid to walk away.   
» Education Verification  
When conducting education verifications here are some things to keep in mind.
The majority of people have thought of running a criminal record check on someone, at some point of their lives. With everything going on in the world today, most people will do anything they can to protect themselves from danger.
As most people know, conducting a comprehensive due diligence is an essential (often time-consuming) step to ensure not only success in the China market, but also preventing outright failure. In comparison to the legal environment in more economically developed countries such as the United States or member countries of the EU, in which the accounting books and financial records of a company are somewhat reliable, Chinese companies often suffer from a lack of transparency and rigid organizational structure.
There are two primary ways in which an IP owner can seek to assert its IPR in China: through an administrative procedure or through a criminal or civil judicial procedure. The administrative procedure is an unusual approach to dealing with IPR issues and may be unique to China. The judicial course of action is similar to that found in the United States and other Western countries.
Personal Privacy and Information Security  
Firstly, let us discuss the information security, whose scope is very extensive, including business secret, personal privacy, intelligence and so on.
It was a classic scenario in 1990s China: The real estate developer running off with clients’ money before the foundation was barely dug. Back in the early, get-rich-quick days of China’s real estate boom, Beijing police official Hai Yang saw several friends losing their life savings to unscrupulous developers, buying apartment off the plans.
Today, more and more people or companies buy products from companies in China over the internet. Unfortunately, scammers take advantage of the occasion to rip off unsuspecting shoppers. They can pretend to be selling a product, but when you pay all the money for the products, they don’t deliver the products to you. Sometimes, they maybe set another trap for you by making up some lies.
The world today has been benefiting from years of research in technology. With just a click of a button, one can get just about any information instantly. Under this rapid pace, businesses around the world are demanding faster increase in sales and efficiency. Nowadays the phrase “doing business” means more that just a profit-making activity for livelihood. Companies in every country are looking for ways to become a global brand and investing in various markets.
Chinese lawyers play an independent role in lawsuits. They do not belong to courts or procuratorates, nor do they belong to their clients. They participate in lawsuits in order to maintain the legal rights and interests of their clients. They are independent. They enjoy not only rights of an ordinary participant in a lawsuit, but also rights compatible with the exercise of the duties of a lawyer.
The Internet is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and offers shopping that can be just as safe as stores or mail orders. But unless consumers learn to identify online fraud indicators, those who buy online can open themselves up to the same scams that are common with offline shopping.
Safety is especially important when traveling, so that nothing unforeseen will dampen your spirits. Besides traffic safety, other aspects as follows need your special attention.
Public notaries are persons accredited by the state to witness civil matters for legal purposes. Since October 1, 2000, the Ministry of Justice has implemented a plan to reform the notary system. Under the new scheme, public notary offices are no longer administrative bodies; rather, they are non-profit entities with a legal-person status that independently conduct notary business to meet market demand and assume full responsibility for their operations. In the future, the state will no longer approve the establishment of public notary offices as administrative bodies. Public notaries will be recruited openly through examinations administered by the Ministry of Justice.
Recently some foreign friends have been cheated when they shop online from Chinese sellers. My friends comment they would not be deceived if they think through.
Brief History Of China's Insurance Industry.The current largest insurers in the world including American Insurance Group (AIG) of United States, were founded in Shanghai in 1919.
Generally speaking, China is a safe country. However petty street crime is on the rise as the number of tourists is increasing. In larger cities we recommend you wear jewellery as little as possible and make sure your money is kept in a secure place close to your body.
Since the reform and opening up especially the 16th National Congress of CPC, China insurance businesses have increased quickly, service field has been expanded, market system has been perfected day by day, laws and regulations have been completed step by step, supervision level has been improved constantly, risks have been prevented efficiently and the whole strength has been reinforced obviously, which played an active role in improving reform, protecting economy, stabilizing society and benefiting people.
China, of course, is legendary for its lack of financial transparency, and has actually brought financial misappropriation to an art form.
Shopping online is convenient and fast. You don’t need to get into and out of each shop or mall to explore your favorite cloth, shoes, etc. The large amount of traders online can make shopping easy and simple – just by a click. You don’t even go out of your house.
Legal documents executed in US must be authenticated by the foreign consulate in order to be used in a foreign country (document authentication). What the consulate does is to verify that the last signature (usually from the Secretary of State Office) is true and valid.
First of all, it is very important to make it clear that for what reason you are planning to enter into the Chinese market. There are some points to be considered.
The following are some tips for traveling safely: Get as much information as possible from us about the places you are to travel.
In China, every aspect of life has to be documented be in it in education, transport, travel or social life and for this reason, several areas that govern the aspects mentioned need to be covered with certificate attestations. For this reason, you have to find a reliable company that is able to carry out all your certification procedures to perfection and ensure that only professionally qualified people handle them.
Due diligence is an absolute must if you plan to team up with a Chinese partner. It’s a jungle out there, so be wary. This is no place to cut expenses or rush through things because a half-done job may cost you twice as much time and money later. Due diligence is not a particularly prevalent practice among the Chinese and they may have trouble understanding why you are “making things difficult”. If your prospective partner refuses to cooperate, don’t be afraid to walk away.
Because of wide scope, low price and convenience, online shopping is more and more popular. But customers of shopping online, especially overseas customers, can not realize that scammers always make use of the internet to scam financial secrets and personal information, even to defraud.
Legal due diligence is a complex and contentious issue when it comes to joint ventures in China. Many investors seem to regard it as a waste of time and money; they’ve developed a relationship with an existing supplier, feel the guy can be trusted and see no need for delving deep into the Chinese company’s position. Yet it is as this stage that the foreign party can be most vulnerable.
A Chinese visa is a permit issued by the Chinese visa authorities to an alien for entry into, exit from or transit through China. The Chinese visa authorities may issue a Diplomatic, Courtesy, Official or Regular Visa to an alien according to his/her status, purpose of visit to China or passport type.
The services of lawyers in China hereunder shall be as follows:Legal Counseling, Documentation, and Notarizationa. Serving as permanent legal advisor, or on case-by-case basis, providing general range of legal counseling on any kind of international commerce and business.
During the process of our handling cases involving foreign elements, our many foreign clients are usually informed that they have to make the relevant legal documents notarized and attested after they got married in foreign countries or divorced from their spouse. So, the aim of this article is to set forth the relevant information about notarization and attestation. We hope that it will be helpful to those baffled by these problems.
Due to the rapid development of internet, shopping online has become a fashion. However, in the international network market, agents are on various levels. Through various investigation and consultation with specialties shopping online, it is learnt that there are scams in online shopping such as low price attraction, high volume prize, sham advertisement, setting the terms and conditions, and so on. The occurrence of these scams is not accidental, but caused by the temptation of immense interest.
Investment risk in China is low and is expected to remain low through 2006. Geopolitical risk is moderate. China's deteriorating relations with the U.S. are contrasted by improving relations with Russia, Iran and with Latin America's left-leaning countries. The extremely high economic cost of confrontation between the U.S. and China argues for a prolonged detente-style relationship between Washington and Beijing.
First of all contractor personnel by the parties or the court to request the court to investigate and collect evidence, and this application should be at the trial before the end of the debate. "Who advocates, who the burden of proof," the principle of the burden of proof so that the burden of proof as evidence of the survey period, the parties, rather the Court's investigation and evidence collection is conditional, based on respect for the rights litigation, and do not interfere with the Court's judicial functions, require a person to apply for court investigations evidence.
Credit Crisis is the phenomenon of trust chaos, caused by dishonest performances. If the quantity of ill performances exceed the normal limitation standard, there will create a trust disorder, in which everybody think other people is suspect, then the vicious circle of credit crisis begin.
 » Business Mission Statement  
The importance of business mission statement in Chinese cultures is a wide and profound subject involving culture, history and business environment etc. As to such a complicated subject, we would like to share some of our opinions in brief.
Chinese envelope format is different from the English format, but they both consist of three parts: the return address, destination and postage stamp.
Today, good credit is of the utmost importance. Many individuals and families depend upon credit many times to live. With there being prices on the rise, gas going through the roof and the cost of living almost unbearable, most people rely on credit. Therefore, people are constantly being asked if they can do a credit background check on them because it seems that everyone everywhere has some form of credit.
For various reasons sometimes you’ll have to check for someone’s death certificate. So when that time comes you should know all the possible ways to find someone’s death record. There are so many ways and some of them include more or less time or money, but if you’re not ready to invest your time and money you can just view death records on the internet. Finding death records on the internet is the fastest and least expensive way of finding records.
As an employer your role in documenting alien employees can be tricky. Under the Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA) you are required to substantiate through review of certain documents that your employees are authorized to work in the United States while simultaneously avoiding unfair employment practices.
Affiliation is where one business has a partnership with another business. If you are affiliated with a well known business, your own business itself will grow and increase in trust and influence. That is why affiliation is important early on in order to grow your business faster and easier.
If you are looking to conduct a free postal address search, here are the 3 main ways to go about it:1. Use a general-purpose search engine.
A lot of people coming from different countries and walking different walks of life travels and some even consider migrating to another country where they believe would provide them with greener pastures. In people intent to migrate, they have to undergo an Immigration Background Check, and as we would notice People coming from Asia, Africa and even Europe are drawn to the country we call the land of the free, the US.
As a result of external pressures and to meet its own economic objectives, China has been moving its intellectual property rights (IPR) regime closer to those found in many more developed nations. As China's economy grows, its transition from manufacturing-based to knowledge-based production, more comprehensive laws, and more attention to enforcement have led to an increase in the number of IPR infringement cases being brought before the courts or taken up through China's administrative procedures.
Along with its progress in reform and opening up, China has made big strides in intellectual property protection. In accordance with its national conditions and current tendencies in international development, China has formulated and finetuned various laws and regulations on intellectual property protection, thereby constructing a socialist legal system for intellectual property protection with Chinese characteristics.
Since 2000, the investigation industry in China was getting closely linked to the market along with more and more consciousness of risk control in commercial market, which results in changes of investigation business with the main stream converting from afterwards investigation into beforehand check.
The Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of Information Industry, Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM), State Administration for Industry and Commerce (SAIC), State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA), China Banking Regulatory Commission (CBRC) and State Post Bureau recently issued a joint circular on strengthening efforts to crack down on illegal online trading of contraband. 
If you have ever needed to find someone's email address, you know how frustrating the prospect can be. It is like trying to find the proverbial needle in a haystack! Email addresses are one of the best-kept secrets on the internet and to find a person's personal address you are going to have to do an intense search. 
The reasons for wanting to conduct an investigation on someone (doing a background check) are as diverse as the ways in which to do so...
Many of you have come across Hong Kong-based companies that have address and contact info in mainland China only (mostly in Shenzhen or somewhere else in Guangdong Province), they are Hong Kong-base offshore company.  
 » 3 Easy Steps to Help You Build Good Business Credit  » Criminal Records Check for Background Investigation  
Do you want to start your own business? Do you have a great business idea? If so, now all you need is business credit. That way you’ll be able to borrow money against your business without having to dip into your personal savings or use your personal credit.  
We can indeed quite readily find out the truth about people on many things, past and present, not least their criminal history or current standing from their Public Criminal Records.
Trademark infringement litigation can make or break some companies. With such cases becoming increasingly common yet also complex, Tim Meng and Linda Zhao of GoldenGate law firm, present a guide to understanding the laws and processes surrounding trademark litigation.
» National identification number  
A national identification number or National Identity Card number is used by the governments of many countries as a means of tracking their citizens, permanent residents, and temporary residents for the purposes of work, taxation, government benefits, health care, and other governmentally-related functions.
Checking criminal records is a sensitive issue. Checking criminal records is a good example of a prescreening process that helps promote safe hiring.
Risk management is an important element of strategic management of any company, no matter the size. However, majority of small businesses do not realize the significance of developing a good risk management strategy.
Few executives in China would be shocked to stumble across a knock-off version of their product in China or abroad. This sobering reality is, however, tempered by some good news: Companies can take steps to prevent intellectual property (IP) theft in China and, increasingly, can pressure the PRC government to enforce the rules of China's burgeoning IP rights regime.
Jumin Shenfenzheng or the Resident Identity Card is the official form of personal identification in the People's Republic of China.
Since a background check is done to delve into the past activities and record of an individual, it contains different information, some of which are listed below.
Imagine this situation, you have been staffed with the responsibility of performing due diligence for your organization. Where do you start? What types of research will you need to perform? What type of public record verifications will you need to conduct to protect your brand's value.
Legal due diligence is a complex and contentious issue when it comes to joint ventures in China. Many investors seem to regard it as a waste of time and money; they’ve developed a relationship with an existing supplier, feel the guy can be trusted and see no need for delving deep into the Chinese company’s position.
Though China is a party to international agreements to protect intellectual property (including WIPO, Bern Convention, Paris Convention, among others), a company must register its patents and trademarks with the appropriate Chinese agencies and authorities for those rights to be enforceable in China.
Employee background check refers to a comprehensive checking and cross-checking of facts and personal information pertaining to the information that is furnished by the job seeker at the time of hiring.
Criminal background checks (CBC) are conducted to determine whether an applicant for a job has a criminal record or not. It is a comprehensive database search of state, local and federal government files and it exposes all convictions in the past, if any, regardless of the state of domicile.
Due diligence is an absolute must if you plan to team up with a Chinese partner. It’s a jungle out there, so be wary. This is no place to cut expenses or rush through things because a half-done job may cost you twice as much time and money later.
Generally speaking, there are some links online for you to check out companies in China. However, there is no English version of above services so far in China, you have to know a little Chinese to check it all by yourself.
Background check, why would I need to run a background check? That's what I told my wife. "Come on dear, I heard you can get absolutely free background checks online" she said. How those words echo in my mind every time I think of what happened to my small business.
In the Company Law amended in 2005, the shareholder representative lawsuit was established officially for the first time, which affected the company governance deeply in China.
China has been called the world headquarters for counterfeit goods, the source of everything from designer-brand knock-offs to black-market aircraft parts. For companies that outsource their manufacturing to China, intellectual property (IP) problems are not limited to brand-name rip-offs.
According to the latest prediction, the number of Chinese overseas students will breakthrough 220,000 in 2010. These students are distributed in more than 103 countries and regions, mostly in America and Britain, and 60% of international students in Japan come from China. Even in small countries like Thailand, most of international students are Chinese. China has already become the biggest country exporting overseas students.
An increasing number of Chinese firms are sizing up overseas markets for initial public offerings (IPO). This is due to a large number of Chinese companies ready to emerge in the international market and they want to expand their shareholder base and to acquire currency for mergers and acquisitions.
Since China’s opening up and reform in 1980s, people’s daily life has been getting richer and richer, and more and more people chose immigration to other countries in order to pursue better life standard or educational environment for their children.
China is a large country with a total land area of 9.6 million square kilometers, and more than 1 billion people which amounts to one fourth of the world population.
A draft regulation, issued to solicit public opinions, bans credit bureaus in China from collecting personal information such as appearance, genetic data, finger prints, blood type and disease history.
If you are considering filing for bankruptcy, but you own an incorporated business, you're probably wondering if your personal bankruptcy will mean small business bankruptcy as well. Especially if the business is a viable revenue source, you want it to keep operating after your bankruptcy discharge.
Most of the documents listed below can be obtained from one of China's Notarial Offices (Gong Zheng Chu). All Chinese documentation to be used abroad is processed through the notary offices and issued in the form of notarial certificates. Notarial offices are located in all major Chinese cities and in rural county seats. These offices are part of the Ministry of Justice structure, but are separate from the people's court system.
If you have received an anonymous or spam email, a reverse email check would be perfect in finding the identity of the sender. Reverse email check is the process of looking up or searching for an email address. It is necessitated by the desire to make known the anonymous senders of spam or unsolicited messages.
For business person, definitely you want to hire an individual who is fitted for the position. If you have your company and seeking for employees, you would want to gain information about the individuals who are applying for the job. You need to do a background check to protect your company.
Growing and protecting the value of your company's brand begins with proper investigation prior to making a final selection. Investigation and Selection are the first two steps on the path to building a strong brand and managing long term risks.
he real value of cell phones lies in their application to everyday needs. They are created to enhance the quality of life. It is easier with the cell phones to keep in touch with family and friends. Also it is very obvious that cell phone is a great emergency communications device.
When you are going for borrowing money as loan, you need to have good credit history because credit check is essential for every user who wants to take loan. Bank or any loan providing companies check your credit history before approving any loan.
With increasing business cooperation between Mainland China and Hong Kong , Macao or Taiwan , risks in investment or cooperation is given more and more concerns, and one of the important measures for risk control is investigation on the due diligence of individuals or enterprises before the cooperation.
Finance in relation to business is concerned with the task of providing funds needed by the enterprise in terms that are most favorable in the light of its objectives. The finance function of a business is concerned with procurement of funds and its effective utilization in business.
China, a country with long history, receives more and more attention from the world. In recent years, there are continuously increasing foreign tourists traveling to China either for business communication or personal travel. Accordingly the safety guarantee is one of main concerns for these overseas tourists during their travels to China.
China, a country with long history, receives more and more attention from the world. In recent years, there are continuously increasing foreign tourists traveling to China either for business communication or personal travel. Accordingly the safety guarantee is one of main concerns for these overseas tourists during their travels to China.
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