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SBCS Data Search provides information check service in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, by which assists you to obtain relevant information on Chinese individuals and enterprises swiftly and conveniently with low cost.
With over a dozen years of investigative experience, SBCS Data Search system has been developing from the integration of authoritative resources in investigation and information industries in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. Via this system, customers could order and receive the report online by simple operation, which greatly simplifies the assignment procedures and reduces your cost. SBCS Data Search system is characterized in the following aspects:
>> Highly effective and swift
You could receive the report in three to five business days after placing the order, except the reports that involve special regions or items.
>> Comprehensive and accurate
Information provided by SBCS Data Search system is sourced from updated business data and credit records kept in relevant administrations. Its objectivity, accuracy and timeliness guarantee our customers acquire the subject's basic information in time (search items are diversified in different regions) to give informative support for their business decisions. However, as the databases are not comprehensive in Mainland China, as well as all data are not publicized by some administrations, SBCS Data Search system has to collect public information by interviews or visit those items which cannot be checked publicly by database search.
>> Controllable Cost
SBCS Data Search system charges as per each search item which enables you to control cost based on your needs. Besides kinds of separate search items and various reports are also provided for selection, e.g. business credit report and individual background report, etc. You could obtain richer information at favorable prices.
>> Customization
Besides regular searches, if the search item or the subject's location is not listed in SBCS Data Search system, you could directly submit your detailed requirements through our Specific Request Evaluation. Our operators will put on an evaluation on your requirements and provide a customized solution for you.