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Since 1993, SBCS has been dedicating herself to the risk control and business security services for enterprises. Upon on rich practical experience from a great amount of practical cases, Steele has established a specific series of solutions on enterprise management. By combination of our practical experience on enterprise risk controlling and the most update theories on risk researches worldwide, Steele formed the SBCS Business Risk Management System.
Based on the research on risk management system and practical experience, SBCS Enterprise Risk Management Training is featured in:
» Integration of eastern and western management cultures: Steele combines the characteristic of Chinese culture with the western advanced management theories, enabling the trainees to utilize the western advanced management with facility and sweep away the disadvantages and conflicts in domestic management in China.
» Diagnosis training mode: In response to current risk problems of the enterprise, Steele gives out on-the-spot solutions followed up with coaching and consultations.
» Teaching with cases: with our ten years of experience in enterprise risk management, experts of Steele give the training lively with actual cases to analyze the key points of enterprise risk management.
» Combination of risk management theories and business investigation skills: the senior investigative professionals show you business investigation skills for intelligence collection to provide support for the effective operation of risk management system.
Through the systemic risk management training of Steele, executives and specific staff will be capable to utilize more abundant risk management skills and tools to efficiently solve various risks, such as waste of resources, sharp increase of purchasing cost, disorder of human resources,and public relationship management, and redundancy of procedures, etc., further reducing the management cost while enhancing the operational safety.
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Picture 1 May 2008, lecture on Employee Background Check for Yong Xu Management and Consulting Company.
Picture 2 December 2007, Mr. Hai Yang is making a speech on the lecture sponsored by China Data Group.
Picture 3 May 2007 Mr. Hai Yang is making a speech on the lecture sponsored by Generali China Life Insurance Co., Ltd.