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Welcome Chinese investigators join CII and WAD!
The ACFE was established in 1988 and based in Austin , Texas . Now it is one of the largest professional associations with more than 90 branches and 25000 members dedicating to fighting fraud and white-collar crime. It has nearly 90 local chapters around the world and the offices of its branches are in North America and Europe. The ACFE has investigated more than 1 million suspected cases of civil and criminal fraud in over 50 countries on four continents.
The ABI originated from the Association of British Investigators, which was established in 1913. In 1950, the Association of British Investigators merged with the British Federal Investigation Association and was renamed ABI. This association is an international non-governmental organization with a membership of over 30 countries and organizations.
The National Association of Investigative Specialists is the largest trade association with well over 3,000 members. NAIS is an American trade association of private investigative professionals that focuses on marketing investigative services, developing new investigative techniques, providing training programs for those in practice or those wishing to enter the profession, developing positive media coverage of the investigative profession, acting as a center for case referrals and positive publicity referrals to members, and providing the overall membership with group buying power.


The World Association of Detectives Inc. is an outstanding and leading international organization whose members are the leaders of their profession in their own communities and countries. In 1950, the World Secret Service Association, Inc., an international organization of private investigators, was the combination of the World Association of Detectives and the International Secret Service Association. The primary purpose of the Association is to promote and maintain the highest ethical practice in the profession and to foster and perpetuate a spirit of cooperation among its members and similar organizations.
For application, please click the link:http://www.wad.net


The International Investigators Network is a worldwide electronic network created for the discussion, networking, referral and furtherance of investigative issues quote. IIN is an Internet based worldwide network comprised of investigators and private security professionals working in the investigative field, and is quickly becoming an outstanding and leading international organization whose members are the leaders in their profession in their own communities and countries . The primary purpose of the Network is for the referral of cases, networking, promoting and maintaining of the highest ethical practices in the profession and to foster and perpetuate a spirit of cooperation among its members.


The Council of International Investigators was set up in October 1955. The Council was formed to encourage a greater association between the owners and the operators of investigation agencies whereby mutual trust can be created. As the existence of this professional group became known for its lofty standards of integrity, ethics, and mutual trust, many other investigators sought to be accepted into "The Council". The original group expanded the membership and areas of world coverage through careful selective screening of applicants. Today, the membership  in "The Council" adds dignity and prestige to each individual member selected for certified membership status.
For application, please click the link: http://www.cii2.org


For application of the member of Investigations Worldwide Association, please click the link:http://iwwa.euro-detectives.org/world.html