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Since the year 1978 witnessed the opening up and reform, China has been undergoing a comparatively rapid economic growth. More and more international enterprises are successively taking part in this huge potential market.Though tackling the vast market of China may look daunting enough, China is not for the fainthearted as risk management experts explain. If you are still stumbled by worries on various risks or hesitant due to insufficient acquaintances about the actuality of Mainland China , the series of SBCS Risk Research Reports will sweep your confusions away. Based on Steele's decades of experience in serving many well-known international enterprises in China , the Reports summarize the characteristics, roots and development trends of different types of risks in different industries in China , and introduce effective methods for dealing with the risks as well. The Reports can enable you to fully know your cooperators and competitors, thus preventing you from the business risks and ensuring your investment security accordingly. 
As per your demand, please search reports by "industry" or "risks type". And customized report is also available for your specific requirement. 
Alternatively, please contact us for our professional recommendation and introduction to a tailored report for you.


With years of experience and leading expertise in risk management, Steele helps enterprises strengthen internal executive force and improve management efficiency, and further reduce operating costs and risks. From a customized integrated risk management system to a professional risk research on a specific issue, Steele's serial risk management services can assist companies in achieving following goals with excellent effects:
» no negative influence on the normal operation of business by maintaining the original management mode
» elimination of the inadaptability of western management systems in China by appropriate combination of advanced western managerial theories with characteristic Chinese cultures
» reasonable control of risk management costs by maximized utilization of present enterprise resources based on resources planning
» comprehensive identification of and assessment on enterprises' potential risks in operation and risk development trend by diverse scientific tools and methods
» more exact and effective risk analysis by application of Steele's abundant investigative experience in risk roots search
» guarantee of risk management systems' effectual operation in compliance with the fundamental principals of practicality and feasibility
» decrease of enterprises' operating risks while promotion of enterprises' management efficiency and profits with emphasis on boosting the internal executive efficacy via systematic management solutions
Polygraph Service              Commission Procedure               Standard Charges               About Polygraph
Beijing Steele Business Investigation Center has developed its Polygraph services with abundant experience. SBCS Polygraph Lab is designed and built strictly under the instruction of the experts from the Institute of Automation Chinese Academy of Science and the Institute of Criminal Authentication Science of Beijing.
SBCS Polygraph Lab consists of an isolated examination room and an observation room, which are both strictly set up under the demanded standards of environmental noises, temperature, illumination and so on. Adopting the most advanced equipment- PG12 Polygraph Instrumentation as its Polygraph System, SBCS also fixes an examination chair in the Lab, which is designed specially for assorting with the activity transducers and can make the examinees feel comfortable and relaxed.
In order to make Polygraph Lab more perfect and modern, SBCS built a Polygraph Supervision System as the accessorial one the above Polygraph System, which can be the assistance to the observation of the examinees and the analysis of the examination. As a powerful accessorial tool of the Polygraph System, Polygraph Supervision System can also record the process of the examination by audio or video. Such records will be very helpful to related analysis and research and thus improve the quality of the examination.
Trained by the Institute of Automation Chinese Academy of Science and the Institute of Criminal Authentication Science of Beijing for a long time, the examiners of SBCS Polygraph Lab have gained the professional qualifications. Because the Polygraph Services provided by SBCS are used in the field of business, which are quite different from those examinations on crimes, the SBCS examiners designed the polygraph services of SBCS and developed their polygraph examination methods specially for the business companies based on their rich practical experience. Obviously, they are the true experts of the business polygraph examination. "Special for business"  is also the most significant characteristic and predominance of SBCS Polygraph Services.
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