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1. What can be checked by SBCS Data Search?
SBCS Data Search services mainly consist of three categories: business information search, individual information search and other information search, covering Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao,Taiwan and Japan. Influenced by information development degree and relevant laws and policies, there are differences of search items in different regions. Especially in Mainland China, as the databases are not comprehensive, as well as all data is not publicized by some administrations, SBCS Data Search system has to collect public information by interviews or visits for those items which cannot be checked publicly by database search. Welcome to our Homepage and please select search type and country to learn about detailed search items and instruction in specific region.
2. How to ensure the objectivity of searching result?
Our searches are based on wide information collection from many authoritative databases instead of from one certain database; Moreover, the databases we use, which are chosen carefully, are of representative and authoritative ones. Therefore, the objectivity of the searched information can be guaranteed. However in Mainland China, as the databases are not comprehensive, as well as all data is not publicized by some administrations, SBCS Data Search system has to collect public information by interviews or visits for those items which cannot be checked publicly by database search.
Absolutely there are differences between database search and deep investigation in instancy and objectivity of information. If database search could not fulfill your requirement, we suggest you take a further investigation by other methods like field investigation, to learn more about the subject for your decision. Please click here to for SBCS Investigation.
3. Is the obtained information the latest one?
Due to the delay of information collection, organization and recording, the database check is usually with posteriority to certain extent, which is also one character of database search. Steele has been paying attention to the frequency of data update when selecting information providers, and managing to avoid delay as possible as we can. Thus, the time effectiveness of most data could be ensured, but exceptional data may not updated timely.
4. How long to receive the report?
The key characters of database check are rapidity and convenience. Usually, the completed searching result will be submitted in 5-7 busienss days after you placing the order. There are diversified time frame for different search items, and the detailed working time for the item you chose could be checked in your shopping cart.
5. Is the register required to use this system? Is it available for non-members?
No, register is not necessary.
SBCS Data Search furthest simplifies ordering procedures to make convenience for checking. You will be provided with first-rate service even not a registered user. But, it is advisable to be a registered member to enjoys special discount if you have a large amounts of orders.
6. Is it available to pay online? Are there any other available payment methods?
SBCS Data Search supports online payment, and PayPal is accepted.
7. What language is the report? How to receive the report?
Our reports are in English.
As an online services system, the operation from placing the order to sending the report is completed online by SBCS Data Search system. Currently only the electronic edition report is available and will be sent to your provided E-mail address.
8. What should I do if I cannot provide sufficient search clues?
Please enter our Specific Request Evaluation, providing all you known information as well as your specific requirements. Accordingly our operators will reply to confirm if it is available to proceed after our evaluation.
9. Will the information from your report be involved in infringement? For example, it infringes other' s business secret or personal privacy?
The information in our report is collected, organized and released strictly following the related laws and regulations in local country and region. It is safe and will not be involved in infringement of other' s business secret or personal privacy.
10. How can I trust Steele?
Founded in 1993, Steele has established a long term and sound cooperative relationship with many domestic and foreign enterprises. Steele enjoys highly appreciation and recognition from our customers, and has been the affiliate member of Beijing Federation of Industry & Commerce and Beijing Municipal Chamber of Commerce. Steele is also reliable among international colleagues, and Mr. Hai Yang, the president of Steele has gained the membership of several international investigation and risk management associations like WAD, CII, PRMIA, ARIA and so on since he joined ABI in 1997. Furthermore, Steele has set up cooperative offices in Holland, USA, Australia and Hong Kong etc. Our qualification can be checked from many aspects.
11. If the search result is not what I want after payment, what should I do? Would you refund the payment?
Database search result is influenced by two key factors: the accuracy of clues, and whether the relevant information is filed in the databases or not.
Firstly, our search is based on your provided clue, so we suggest you provide the clue as detailed and accurate as you can to avoid the deviation of search result caused by insufficient or wrong clues.
Secondly, our report are strictly prepared according to our customers' provided clues, and sourced from wide searches in the relevant authoritative databases. Our customers seldom dissatisfy with our report. In case that no record or little information on the subject is found in several databases, we will report this objective result to you and help analyze the reason according to our experience.
If it is confirmed that the dissatisfied search result is caused by our mistakes, Steele will conduct one supplemental search for free or refund the payment to you.