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» Analysis and Investigation of Business Investment Risk

Including background investigation and fulfillment capability investigation


Business safety is a significant precondition of investment. To reduce the investment risk and secure business, it requires comprehensive and objective investigation as well as understanding on the invested project and business partner; meanwhile, a background analysis on the business partner is an important guarantee for the sustainable development.

» Human Resource Risk Management

Including qualification check of pre-employment, risk control of post and ex-employees


Human resource management plays a decisive role in enterprise operation, because the professional qualification and excellent moral character of employees are the guarantee of enterprise security. Risks exist in the process of employee recruitment, employment and release. The risk control projects for human resource management will improve the work efficiency and reduce the losses caused by the professional qualification or moral character of employees.

» Risk Control before and after Lawsuit

Including Assets Search and Information Collection before and after Lawsuit


When enterprises encounter risks in operation, litigation is one of the solutions. To reduce losses and avoid crisis, it would be better to completely master the assets status and related information of the other party.

Our services provide enterprises with the most objective and updated information.


» Insurance Claims Investigation


Including property insurance, life insurance and health insurance claim investigations


The work on verification and claims of insurance companies needs to be completed efficiently, so it requires conducting comprehensive and specific verification of the information provided by the insured.

Steele is the first organization providing insurance claims investigation in China and has cooperated with many famous insurance companies with professional ability and abundant experience.


» Mystery Customer Inspection Service


Mystery Customer Inspection is implemented by the professionally trained examiners to experience and evaluate the services by acting as customers in the stated time and place, including the service quality, professional skill of employees, business operation,  product quality and so on, and it is the process of providing objective evaluation. It is commonly called "Secret Inquiries" or "Mystery Customer Investigation".


Through Mystery Customer Inspection Service, enterprises can discover the deficiency in time, as well as promote advancing service level, improving service quality and increasing consumers' satisfaction, accordingly optimize the management system and enhance the competitive ability in the market.


Steele can provide you the most professional inspection service by right of their rich experience in business investigation field and professional investigators, and below are the procedures of Mystery Customer Inspection Service.

1. Confirm the objects

2. Design the Implementation Standard of Inspection based on clients' requirements and relevant regulations

3. Select the candidates of Mystery Customers and give them professional trainings

4. Collect information

5. Analyze information

6. Submit the investigation report


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