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About SBCS

Founded in 1993, Beijing Steele Business Investigation Center (SBCS) is the first professional organization in Mainland China  engaging in business investigation and business risk management, and is committed to provide top-ranking professional services in risk control and commercial security.

As a traditional service, Steele's business investigation features in filed investigation, which is different from database search of common credit agents. Materials provided in Steele's investigation report, such as photos and related information, are all collected in person. It guarantees the efficient and valuable investigation results to promise an integrative and objective reference for the clients.

Based on business investigation, Steele further carries out researches on commercial risks focusing on external risks from investment and cooperation as well as internal risks in human resources and finance. Relying on thorough understanding on domestic commercial environment and cultures along with abundant experience in risk control, Steele has formed a practical commercial risk management system on the basis of globally advanced theories in combination with risk control practices. Furthermore, Steele has promoted a series of services for commercial risk management giving professional supports for enhancing the commercial safety by providing clients with services like risk analysis, design of risk management system and project, or risk management training.

With her excellent performances, Steele is honored as affiliate member of Beijing Federation of Industry & Commerce and Beijing Municipal Chamber of Commerce, and has built up a steady and smooth cooperative network throughout China , which allows Steele to initiate local resources anywhere at any time.

Besides, pursuing to joining ABI in 1997, Hai Yang, President of Steele, has gained membership of several internationally professional investigative and risk management associations like WAD, CII, PRMIA and ARIA etc. Steele also settles down cooperative offices in Holland, USA, Australia, Hong Kong etc. Via the network of the associations, Steele is able to get assistance from investigators or investigative agents all over the world, and share the advanced achievements in the field of risk management with global professionals.