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Report Sample

SBCS Other Information Search Report
                              >> Information contained here is derived from public records that may have errors and/or not always
                                   be accurate or complete.  Data is sometimes entered poorly, processed incorrectly and may not be
                                   free from defect. This report should not be relied upon as definitely accurate. Before relying on any
                                   data this report supplies, it should be independently verified at the originating agency source. All
                                   searches are subject to legal restrictions, Terms of Use and applicable laws.
                              >> The report was just for the reference, could not be used for illegal purpose.
                              >> The report has no virtual or formal assurance obligation.
                              >> The English in the report is translated from original Chinese search result for your reference.
                                   The information obtained at the end of the investigation was taken as valid and binding.
                              According to the provide name of the Target, its correct Chinese name is **** as it claims in its
                              advertisement. By check in the databases of the relevant authorities by its name, not any registra-
                              tion record is found.
                              According to the provided website of the Target, it requires the username and password to visit its
                              website but without any registration access.
                              According to the provided address of the Target, its Chinese address is ***, where locates ** Building.
                              By inquiries with a employer of the property management company in charge of this building, it is
                              confirmed that the Target locates at 12/F and it just moved into this building two months ago after hiring
                              a single room in this building. According the employer’s introduction, there was only two persons in this
                              company and the exact business they operate is unknown. Clients or other persons never visited this
                              By dialing the provided phone number, there was nobody answering all long. Through online search,
                               all information related to this phone number is for promotion of palm computers at lower prices.
                              By online search, not any available or detailed information on the Target and its business is found.
                              Furthermore, a piece of information in which the company’s name and website are in accordance with
                              the Target is collected as below:
                              “Online Scam - *** company (website: www.****.com.cn)  DO NOT make payment to it any longer. I had
                              reported it to local administration after experienced its scam …”
                              This information is also followed by several replies with complaints. Please refer to
                              www. ****.com. cn.
                              In the light of the above, there is not any introduction on its business and products on the Target’s website,
                               and its phone number was not answered all along, which are abnormal from those legitimate vendors.
                               Based on the introduction of the property management agent’s employer, as well as the negative discus-
                              sion on the Target, please be alert of the scam by the Target.
-- End of Report --