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Report Sample

SBCS Business Information Search Report
                                >>  Information contained here is derived from public records that may have errors and/or not
                                      always be accurate or complete.  Data is sometimes entered poorly, processed incorrectly
                                      and may not be free from defect. This report should not be relied upon as definitely accurate.
                                      Before relying on any data this report supplies, it should be independently verified at the
                                      originating agency source. All searches are target to legal restrictions, Terms of Use and
                                      applicable laws.
                                >>  The report was just for the reference, could not be used for illegal purpose.
                                >>  The report has no virtual or formal assurance obligation.
                                >>  The English in the report is translated from original Chinese search result for your reference.
                                >>  The information obtained at the end of the investigation was taken as valid and binding.
                                Business name:                                                                             Jiangsu *** Group Co., Ltd.
                                Registration number:                                                                                           3505*********        
                                Address:                                                    *** Industry Park, Hangzhou City, Jiangsu Province
                                Legal Principal:                                                                                                                ***
                                Registered capital:                                                                                         RMB 15 million
                                Type:                                                               Limited company (controlled by natural person)
                                Date of establishment:                                                                                    June 25th, 2005
                                Business scope:                                      production and sales of mechanical equipment, ***
                                Name             Position                          ID No.                               Date of Birth
                                ***                   Chairman of Board             *****************                 January 15, 1953
                                ***                   COO                               *****************                 May 26, 1968
                                ***                   General Manager               *****************                 December 12, 1974
                                ***                   Director                           ******************                December 22, 1972
                                Name of Shareholder                    Amount of Investment        Investment Ratios
                                *** (Corporate Shareholder)               RMB 12 million                        80%
                                *** (natural person shareholder)         RMB 1.5 million                       10%
                                *** (natural person shareholder)         RMB 1.5 million                       10%
 Balance sheet
                                                                                                                                                                     (Currency: RMB)
 Income and Profit Appropriation Table
                                                                                                                                                                     (Currency: RMB)
                                Name:                                                                   Suzhou office, Jiangsu *** Group Co., Ltd.        
                                Address:                                                                                            ****, ** District, Suzhou                 
                                Principal:                                                                                                                          ***
                                Name:                                                                    Beijing Office, Jiangsu *** Group Co., Ltd.         
                                Address:                                                                                 ****, Chaoyang District, Beijing    
                                Principal:                                                                                                                          ***
                                Based on the registration records, the Target invested four companies as below:
                                A. Danyang *** Co., Ltd.
                                Invested amount:                                                                                             RMB500,000
                                Basic Information:
                                Shareholders:                                                                                                                ***
                                B. Luoyang ***Co.,Ltd.
                                Invested amout:                                                                                              RMB800,000
                                Basic Information:
                                Shareholders:                                                                                                                ***
                                C. Jiangsu *** Co., Ltd.
                                Invested amout:                                                                                              RMB800,000
                                Basic Information:
                                Shareholders:                                                                                                               ***
                                D. Jiangsu *** Co., Ltd.
                                Invested amout:                                                                                          RMB1,500,000
                                Basic Information:
                                Shareholders:                                                                                                               ***
                                Basic Information at Establishment:
                                Business name:                                                                                                           ***
                                Address:                                                                                                                       ***
                                Legal representative:                                                                                                  ***
                                Registered capital:                                                                                                      ***
                                Date of establishment:                                                                                                ***
                                Enterprise type:                                                                                                            ***
                                Business scope:                                                                                                           ***
                                A. Alternation on *** 2002
                                Name:                                                                                                                            ***
                                Legal representative:                                                                                                    **
                                Business scope:                                                                                                          ***
                                Business address:                                                                                                      ***
                                Shareholder:                                                                                                                ***
                                B. Alternation on *** 2004
                                Shareholder:                                                                                                               ***
                                C. Alternation on *** 2006
                                Business scope:                                                                                                        ***
                                D. Alternation on *** 2007
                                Business scope:                                                                                                       ***
                                Shareholder:                                                                                                             ***
                                Registered capital:                                                                                                  ***                
                                Search in public databases of following courts:
                                Hangzhou Civil Judgment of Intermediate People’s Court:                                   0
                                Jiansu Supreme People’s Court:                                                                             1
                                National *** Court:                                                                                                      0
                                1 record kept in public database of Jiansu Supreme People’s Court:
                                Plaintiff:                                                               Beijing *** Transportation  Co., Ltd.
                                Defedant:                                                                         Jiangsu *** Group Co., Ltd. 
                                Date of case filling:                                                                        October 16, 2008
                                Case number:                                                          (2008) Hong Fa Zhi Zi No.*****
                                Objection amount:                                                                           RMB985,000.80
                                Case status:                                                                                            In execution
                                Search in public databases of following courts:
                                Hangzhou Intermediate People’s Court:                                                               0
                                Jiansu Supreme People’s Court:                                                                           1
                                National *** Court:                                                                                                    0
                                1 record kept in public database of Jiansu Supreme People’s Court:
                                Date of case filling:                                                                                     ***, 2006
                                Case number:                                                        (2006) Hong Fa Zhi Zi No.*****
                                Case brief:                                                                                                             ***
                                Judgment:                                                                                                              ***
                                In 2007, Jiangsu *** Group Co., Ltd. was enrolled as the member of **** Industry
                                In 2008, Jiangsu *** Group Co., Ltd. was awarded as “Hangzhou Top 10 Excellent
                                Enterprise” by *****.

                                Comments via interviews:
                                Interview with its supplier, Nanjing *** Steel Materials Co., Ltd.: …
                                Interview with its client, Heilongjiang *** Heavy Machinery Factory: …
                                Positive media reports:
                                A. …
                                B. …
                                C. …
                                D. …

                                Negative media reports:
                                A. …
                                B. …
-- End of Report --